Henclass.com strives to be a comprehensive source of information for people venturing into the world of poultry keeping. The author and curator of this rambling collection of articles is Jeremy Chartier. If you are in search of poultry related information that can’t be found on this site, please feel free to e-mail the author at Poultry411@Hotmail.com

About the Author

Jeremy has been keeping poultry since 1995, beginning as a 4-H’er showing fancy fowl. As time progressed, Jeremy went on to graduate from an Agricultural Education high school program. Jeremy was active in the FFA (formerly known as Future Farmers of America) during his time in high school.

Jeremy also went on to graduate from University of Connecticut’s Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture with an Associates of Applied Animal Science. While at UConn Jeremy spent much of his time at the poultry unit, absorbing as much production poultry experience as he could.

When Jeremy wasn’t in class or at the barns, he could usually be found at UConn Poultry Science Club functions; such as the Southern New England 4-H Poultry show, the thanksgiving turkey processing fund raiser, and the annual trip to Atlanta for the International Poultry Expo.

After UConn, Jeremy joined a pilot program dubbed the “Poultry Service Professional” training program, which was designed to train people in the field how to assist poultry farmers with problem solving, diagnostics and management. This SARE funded program still exists in form of the Applied Poultry Science training program, offered annually by the University of Maine.

Today, Jeremy remains involved in the poultry community through his involvement with the Connecticut Poultry Association, traveling across New England as a 4-H poultry showmanship judge, and through his farm where he sells live pullets seasonally as a licensed Connecticut poultry dealer.

Jeremy also writes articles for Countryside Network; the publisher of Backyard Poultry, Countryside, Dairy Goat Journal and Sheep! magazine. You can see his farm related articles at Countrysidenetwork.com.

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